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Transport Search

To begin your transport search, enter your starting point and destination on Rome2rio’s website or app, then click ‘Search’ or ‘Find Transport’. You can use any address, landmark, hotel, city, region or country. For the best results, we recommend being as specific as possible.

The interactive menu + map will show all the transport options for your journey, including transport types, journey times and price estimates. 

Click on an individual type of transport (eg bus or train) to see useful information such as schedules, operator details, and (if available) the option to search for tickets. 

If you see the icon this means your journey is bookable on Rome2rio. To see a list of all available operators that we provide tickets for please click here.

If your journey can’t be booked through Rome2rio, use the link to the transport operator’s website to complete your booking.

If your trip has multiple stops, this will be broken down into individual segments. Click on each segment to see the same information as above (schedules, operator details and tickets)

Desktop users also have access to the ‘Explore’ feature which is located near the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

This feature provides additional information, such as alternative transport options, pricing, travel duration, all known travel operator details and even places of interest located around your search.

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