Rome2rio's CO2 calculator

You’ve asked for it and we’ve listened,  Rome2rio would like to announce the trialing of its new carbon emission calculator. We understand that many of our users wish to understand the environmental impact of their travel plans when exploring this amazing planet. By indicating the amount of CO2 generated when travelling we want our users to be aware of their carbon footprint while at the same time displaying alternative greener transport options.    

How does this all work?

When performing any transport search Rome2rio will now give you the option to see the amount of emissions created per person for any of the different forms of travel that we offer. Simply click the slider to reveal the estimated CO2 emissions which will then be visible beneath each listed transport option.


To ensure these estimates are as accurate as possible we are basing all results of the UK government's own independent transport emission report from 2019. The results listed are also based on the well-to-tank concept which takes into consideration emissions generated from the point in which fuel is added to the vehicle. 

What does it all mean?

It's safe to say that most of us are aware that excess CO2 emissions are detrimental to the environment. But when viewing these numbers not many of us are aware of the actual impact this is having. This is why we have created a few examples showcasing how varied the amount of CO2 generated can be for some of Rome2rio's most commonly searched for routes. All figures listed below are considered per person.

As this new feature is still within a trial phase we would love to know your thoughts good or bad. Any feedback can be sent through by using the following link. As this feature is still in a trial phase not all users will have access to it. However, we do plan on releasing the CO2 calculator to our entire user base in the nearby future.

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