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Rome2Rio allows users to view transport options from their origin to their destination. Now, we have introduced our Trip Planner with the ability to save your trip and create an itinerary between multiple locations too! You can create an account, save your entire journey and access it between multiple devices.* In this article, we will walk you through all you need to know to use our Trip Planner!

*Currently only available on desktop and mobile web browsers - it is not yet available on our smartphone apps

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Create an account

If you wish to save your trip and keep planning on any device, anywhere, then you will need to create an account.

Save your trip

  1. Enter your origin and destination on our homepage and click Search. See How to search with Rome2Rio for more information.
  2. Whenever you see the "  " icon (which will appear at the top of your search results) you can save this information for later
    • Please note: currently only one trip itinerary can be saved per user account - the ability to save multiple trips is coming soon!

View your saved trips

  1. Tap the Trips tab on the toolbar on the bottom of your screen
  1. Click the “Trip Planner” link on the toolbar on the top of your screen

Remove a previously saved trip

  1. Tap the " " icon
  2. Tap "Remove"
  1. Hover over the destination name
  2. Click "x"

Reorder saved trips

  1. Hover over the destination name
  2. Hold and drag the " " icon to a new position
  1. Tap the " " icon
  2. Tap "Reorder"
  3. Hold and drag the " " icon to a new position
  4. Or, tap the Accessibility toggle in the top right corner
  5. Use the up and down arrows to reorder your trips
  6. Select the "Update trip" button on the bottom

Explore hotels

Want to explore hotel options along your journey? You can now view accommodation available in the area you plan to visit.

  1. Tap the " " icon
  2. Tap "Explore hotels"
  3. You will then be shown a list of hotels available near your destination
  4. Tap "View deal" to navigate to our booking partner's site to complete your reservation

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