Why can’t I find timetable/schedule information?

Our goal here at Rome2Rio is to help you get from A to B anywhere in the world! To do so, we display timetable/schedule information for most routes on many different types of transport.

For each transport type available on your journey, we’ll show the name and contact details or website of the transport operators. When schedules don’t appear in our results it may be because:

  • The route is operated seasonally and the schedule has not been released yet
  • The company (operator) doesn’t release schedules that far into the future
  • We haven’t been given the schedule/timetable from the operator

If this happens you can change the dates that you are searching for or contact the transport operator directly for more information. 

Our global team of experts work hard to include as much information as possible including schedules and frequency of services. However, operators can change services and schedules at any time. If you see any gaps in our results, let us know by reporting an issue.

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