Bookings and Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio partners with a number of key booking providers. This allows us to show ticketing options for numerous routes and destinations across the world. Our ground transportation ticketing coverage is strongest within Europe and North America but we have started to expand into parts of Asia, Oceania and South America with more options becoming available each day. For flights we have global coverage allowing us to connect users from anywhere in the world.

When you have found the right tickets on Rome2Rio we’ll then transfer you to one our major ticketing partners who helps complete your booking. This means Rome2Rio does not have access or visibility to any bookings or payments as this is stored directly with our partners.

Who are our ticketing partners?

Our major ticketing partner is Omio who provide Rome2Rio with bus and train tickets within Europe and North America.

We also have partnerships with Flixbus and 12Go who provide us with additional bus and train ticketing options within Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania.

For flights we have partnerships with Skyscanner and GoToGate who allow us to offer flight tickets across the globe.

Who do I contact to cancel my booking?

As Rome2Rio is not a booking provider we are unable to arrange for refunds or organise date amendments. These requests can only be handled by the ticketing partner who the booking was made through. To find this information simply check your booking confirmation email and contact the ticketing provider listed there.

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