Why don't I get any results when searching for a ticket?

Rome2Rio offers a large variety of tickets for journeys all over the world. Our ticketing results come from a number of key partners such as Omio, Flixbus and Skyscanner. Although we offer a large range of tickets via our ticketing partners there are still routes and journeys which we do not offer bookings for.

There are generally four reasons why your search for tickets on Rome2Rio did not bring back any results.

  1. We don’t offer tickets for the specific route/journey

  2. Your travel dates are too far into the future

  3. You are looking at a seasonal route which is not currently operating

  4. All tickets for that date have sold out

An easy way to tell if we offer tickets for your journey is to simply select your preferred mode of transport within your search results. If an option to ‘find ticket’ or 'select' appears within the schedule this means tickets are available to purchase. If no option appears in the schedule then this means Rome2Rio does not provide tickets for the journey and that you will need to book directly with the operator.

If you don’t receive any results for a route we offer tickets for we recommend you change your travel dates as you may be looking too far into the future. Please also be aware that some routes are seasonal, and don’t operate year-round, but we will notify you of this within your search results.

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