How to search with Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio is a global travel search engine that simplifies travel planning. We provide estimated prices, journey durations, and booking information from over 5,000 companies in 160+ countries. Discover how to use Rome2Rio for easy travel planning!

  1. Visit Rome2Rio on any browser, on any device
  2. Enter where you are travelling from and where you want to go into the text boxes and click Search
    • You can enter any location into these fields, including:
      • Countries, cities, towns or villages
      • Specific address, landmarks, stations and airports/airport codes

  3. On the next page, you will see the available travel options. Each option will include the transport type(s) (A), total travel duration (B) and price estimates (C) for your journey.
  4. Click on your chosen transport type and you will be taken to the schedule page
  5. Here you can view transport operator details (D).
  • Rome2Rio also offers the option to find accommodation (E) and a hire car (F).
  • Please note, not all options will be available for every journey.

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